Sunday, June 28, 2015

When I met them they were mine....Given to us by our Lord ...some thoughts

This is Jubal the first time I met him when I traveled with my daughter and her husband to pick up their twins. He was tiny . Much smaller than his brother, Jabin.

This was in March when I visited both boys . Just weeks from when Jabin died.

I am still struggling with the loss of Jabin and very grateful to have Jubal home and healthy with us.

Jubal just before Joseph and I traveled in May to bring him home. Our POA, Kofi is holding him. We are very grateful to Kofi for all he has done to help our children come home to us. He loves his children.

At home and thriving....

Jubal Elija Briggs home Monday for 5 weeks. It is amazing how well he has done. I only wish our other son had made it out ...because some believe that poverty is not a good reason for adoption. I do. I actually think it is one of the best reasons. If Ghana was not a poverty stricken country full of corruption in all areas,where the families have little resources to take care of their children, give them medical care, and even give them an education ( You pay to go to school ) then these children could grow up in their birth country . All of our children we have adopted from Ghana were severely malnourished, all had diseases or suffered greatly from parasites and some were denied medical care . Some were left for 12 to 20 hrs all by themselves at the young age of 3 . They suffered sexual and emotional trauma because the families could not take care of them properly. Now they are home with a family, just like Jubal, thriving . I am deeply saddened to think of what our Jabin suffered in his last moments....the doctors and nurses had to be convinced to help him. They said , " He would be better off dead. So let him die. " They had never done an IV in the head of an infant. That was the only place they could attempt one...I shudder to think of what they did to him and I am hurt and angry. Angry that he to could not make it home...Anger with other adoptive families who get upset with such minor issues to me compared to the important ones in life. Angry with authorities who don't care and participate in the corruption that is so much a part of many of the adoptions in all countries- even US embassy authorities. Upset and frustration with Christians who can do more...who need to understand the heart the Lord has for orphans. Who know better than to give up on their children who are adopted...I am tired of seeing the selfish side of so many families who get their child home and don't care after that...they struggle and feel the need to knock down and destroy people,even the very children that God has entrusted to their care . They forget to follow up with post placement reports, they don't understand or care that their actions and words do a lot of harm for the rest of those who want to or are in an adoption after them...( who have had a very positive experience with their agency and or POA ). I am so happy inspite of my other feelings to have been able to bring home Jubal. I choose to reflect on the positive in my life. Not to be angry but to give my frustration, sadness and anger to the Lord. He knows my heart and the heart of everyone...