Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We have company and all 4 are together

Jenn and the grand babies are up this week and they brought their birds. 

Here is the Hambrick "couple" - Ted and Summer

Here is the Briggs couple - Checkers and Sofia - hanging with the Hambricks ( I guess it was a double date  : )

Jenn came up for the week while Jeremiah is in Haiti...They brought their birds and Mya and Ella got right to taming them to be together. Amazing to watch the girls. Animals are such a great way for kids to learn compassion, gentleness, and caring. I think the birds respond well to them because the girls have earned their trust. Happy times for the birds and all of us as we spend time together this week.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Why are we having crab legs, shrimp and an ice cream party ?

Yes some of us wear rubber gloves while eating our seafood : )

Banana splits, ice cream sundaes enjoyed by all.

And of course Azonto dancing

Sleeping at Nana's and Paw Paw's after the party.

She said, " My daddy always snuggles with me" so Paw Paw did to. 

We celebrated that we passed court, gave birth to our sons -John David and Jabin Kofi Briggs on Wednesday.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Update on the babies - all of them

They are such cuddle bums and we love it.

Here they are ready to be put down for their naps...they still take a bottle and Leah is ready with both pockets full of their bottles.

They are doing super well. They both walk now and have started some speech....they can even say, "Nana" which makes my heart swell. They are gaining weight ( 4 to 5 lbs ) and sleeping great. We just took them for their 15 month check up....one benefit of there being 2 and we actually took Calea and my Gracie Friday to the pediatrician so I get to go along with Mary Kate. They are all caught up with their shots and life is busy actually crazy with these 2 little ones....Can you imagine how it will be with our babies home....My kind of crazy though. Here are some pictures of my babies that another adoptive momma shared with me this week. I am planning a visit to them and my older loves the beginning of March. I can't wait to hug them all again.....
John David 

Jabin Kofi