Saturday, November 7, 2020


 After almost 3 yrs I have decided to return to my blog.... So here goes my effort in staying in touch with family and friends about our family and things that are important to me. If you came from face book I am glad you found me. I decided to get off of fb after watching the documentary called, The Social Dilemma. It was about understanding the power of social media including but not only face book. We watched it as a family and after lots of good discussion I decided to come off of fb. I don't use any other social media but Whatsapp and that I mostly communicate with friends and families of our children in Ghana . I will admit it is not easy to drop fb when I looked forward to connecting with so many friends and family . I just feel it is better for me to concentrate on our family and sharing about our life thru my blog. I am downloading the 16,000 pics I have to my laptop and computer so I can share thru pics about our life. 

So welcome back to my crazy but wonderful life as the momma to 38 children.