Thursday, November 22, 2007

After our feast on Thanksgiving

Luke is 7 days post op on his nose "job" for his
cleft. He and Joseph had surgery on Nov.
6 for their noses and both are doing well.
We have lots to be thankful for this
Thanksgiving.... Luke is walking, our
"grand" children- Tyler, Drew, Ella, Ava
and Ezra, our approvals for the 5 new kids,
our dossiers going to the countries where they

6 of them smiling and full....

pumpkin time

Here are a few of the kids pumpkins sitting on our back deck at sunset.

I love the holidays

It is definitely more busy and there is lots of excitement in our home now that the holidays have begun.... Having all the children how can one not be excited too.... I love celebrating and sharing the birth of Christ, Thanksgiving and being together. The older kids always ask what can we get you mom? My best gift is time spent with me.... The holidays are busy but there is so much fun and joy as well. Someone once asked me, " How do you do it all at Christmas ?" I shared I try to have as much "joy" times thru activities where we can worship and experience joy during the holidays. It is busier but I can feel the love and joy in my families heart so much during this season.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Goliath was conquered

I wanted to give a huge praise to the Lord .... Today we got our approval letters for 5 more children- 2 from Uzbekistan and 3 from Ukraine. I had asked for prayers and the Lord has answered and answered in a big way. We are celebrating around here this afternoon! Ever since our letter came 4 weeks ago... we had prepared documents, letters of support from our doctors and surgeons, insurance company, our school board about our home schooling, and our hearts for the Lord's will. We had our appt. on Tues., Nov. 6. We took all the children and were able to present the requested new homestudy (now our 3d one) and all the supporting docs.. Paul also presented a wonderful power point presentation to the head of Pitts. office. Our approval was dated as granted that day... The day we asked for prayers. We are so grateful to all who have supported our love for these precious children. We feel the Lord has moved once again in a mighty way to help these children who are special. We feel so priviledged to be a part of his loving these kids. It has been an awesome journey. We are thankful everyday for this.