Friday, April 18, 2008

6 weeks to Ukraine

Well, we have just 6 weeks until we leave for Ukraine. That does not seem like much time now and it is already filling up with a mini vacation to the beach with Paul as he travels for work, our addition is moving along, the kids have medical check ups and wrapping up our school year. The boys and Paul worked with Jeff our friend/contractor today and were able to get the walls up... The kids love watching the building... It will be nice when it gets done. We have had beautiful weather and it is great to be outside. We are a family who loves to be outside most of the time and the weather could not be any better.

The kids are all getting over colds and I had strep again 4th time in 8 weeks... I have a rash that was triggered by the strep and it has been driving me crazy but I am hoping that these illnesses will be over soon with the return of warm weather. I am on a strong antibiotic and they have me taking it another extra 10 days. I am feeling much better.

We have several online friends who are adopting and we get so excited to see more children finding homes ... A family we know is in Serbia now adopting their 3d down syndrome son... and he is a cutie. She actually is advocating for some other special needs children so if you are interested email me and I will share more. At the least please pray for them. Another family who was linked to their blog returned home with 2 special needs children and their daughter has a heart condition and needs prayers as well for her health.

Luke is doing wonderful . You would not even know he had surgery... What an amazing healer and overcomer he is. I took Mya to her yearly appt. with her neurologist at Hopkins... the one who diagnosed her polio. He noticed for the first time that her r arm was also affected by the polio... He said he could not believe it. She was weaker in that arm and it looks smaller just like her l leg does. She is going to Dr. Standard for a follow up to help her maximize her ability to walk. So the neurologist brought out a walker and she did beautifully with it. We have Luke's old walker and she has been trying it and is able to walk longer amounts with it. She actually takes off fast with it on a straight way... :) Watch out world here she comes.... :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My dear mom - doing what she did best

She loved children... and having them around her and with her always made her happy.
She is holding Mya.

An emotional week for us

My dear mom who was 84 died a week ago today... She had suffered from dementia for 6 yrs and it had been a difficult 6 yrs for my family to watch my mother as she lost her life slowly to this disease. She is at peace now and in a better place... that is our joy in the passing of a loved one who knew and believed in Jesus as their savior.... My mom had professed her faith in Jesus 20 some yrs ago at a lay share mission with Paul and I. So I do have the hope and joy of seeing my mom in the future.All of the kids are doing well with their loss ... my dad is who we feel sad for. They almost were married 64 yrs in May... A long life filled with lots of memories and love.

Ben also celebrated his 16th birthday and we are amazed at how fast time as gone by. We are very proud of him and look forward to see what the Lord is doing in his life as he is quickly maturing into a yg. man.

Luke also had back surgery to repair a myloceal ( spinal hernia) on Thursday. His surgery went well and his post op he has done fabulous as usual. He is an amazing child who endures much with little negative kick back... He came home earlier than expected and if you did not see his drainage tube ( only in his back for a few days) you might not know he had surgery.

I had my 3d reoccurance of strep throat as well... Actually I have scarlet fever... a rash with strep this time. My second time like this and 3d in just 6 weeks.... Please pray it goes away. It is hard to not feel well and to have to keep going. They have switched my medicine and a friend who was going to have her tonsils out but did not shared that she was told to gargle with listerine every nite... She did and after 7 bouts of strep in a few months she was free from it for over a yr... So tomorrow we will be buying some listerine. At this point I think I would swish with gasoline or anything.... Some of the kids are sick with colds and all as well.... So we could use prayers for health.

We have less than 8 weeks now before we leave for Ukraine... That is something I did not think we were going to be able to do at times. We have alot going on including the addition and dealing with all of last weeks things.... Our church family have been very encouraging to us... We are so grateful to them and they have made us feel loved....thru meals, cards, calls, encouraging talks and offers of help. Thank you !