Monday, October 31, 2011

All dressed up and lots of places to go.....

 We always make carmel apples - 30 this year.

 Keith and Paul took the little ones trick or treating and they loved it.

Gracie and Lila were sick today...both have ear infections and chest colds so they had to stay home. Can you tell they were not happy but we had fun at home with those who were here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apparently having 2 brothers who are blind is cool or....

they were doing sensitivity training :) I came outside last week to check on the kids and this is what I found...They were pretending one of them was blind and the other one was leading them around. They had been doing this for some time. I love how they are so natural with each others disabilities...they really don't see them as "dis" abilities but as ways to overcome and shine. They encourage each other and won't let the one who struggles even think it is a weakness....I love , love this about them.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

They watched and waited for these words," You can go outside"


First snow ever for our 3 children from Ghana and they loved it :) It is so exciting to watch them as they discover a new thing. Can you imgine Christmas ? Lila has a cold and she was not allowed to play outside but when she first saw it she just stood at the window and kept saying over and over, " It is so beautiful. "

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mya and her brother, Andrew loved for who he is......

 She will lie down with him and just be with him.

The other day during school Andrew decided he wanted to be up with ...ah on Mya :) He is funny that way. So he climbed up on top of her and was perfectly happy to perch on top of her while she did school.

She was just as content with him on her. I love the heart of my kids for each other. Andrew sometimes throws up. He drools and can be very determined to get his way but his siblings always put up with this and even more they just love him the way he is.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praising God for being with our son Jacob this am when he totalled his car

In my previous post today I spoke about how intense our life is. When I posted it this accident had already happened. Jacob was late going to work and was driving too fast . He lost control of his car spun twice, hit a telephone pole and cracked it in half and the car landed on its side. He had to climb out of the back window. Fortunately there was no one coming in the on coming lane ( a miracle here because it is a crowded area). No one was hurt...he says he is OK just has a headache. Thankfully it worked out the way it did but he has no car now...His was totalled .

The bottom pic is Andrew today in post op. He was so sweet and unusually cuddly...but tonite while I was out to dinner and Christmas shopping with Mary Kate they called to say he was running a fever of 103. I ran home to check and I called the on call doctor...He is not concerned yet but I am exhausted and I am waiting to give him a dose of ibuprophen at midnite. We gave him tylenol at 10 but had to see from the doctor about the ibuprophen are not suppose to give ibuprophen after this procedure. Dr. said it was fine since it is a better fever reducer so I am up waiting to give him that because with a bath , and took off his blanket sleeper and tylenol it has not changed in 1hr. and 15 min.....

Now this day may seem a bit full for some people but to be honest many of our days are filled with huge events like this....Praise God for meeting us and providing in all areas of our life. It is intense and full all the time but I would not have it any other way.

Really who has a calendar by their toilet ?

 My days , my weeks and my months of the year are filled with appointments. Since we have adopted so many special needs children seeing specialists, therapists, having surgeries ( at least 94 in 8 yrs) for our children my life is often ruled by my calendar. I am ocd I have to admit it is me who has placed a calendar by our toilet :) as well as there is one in the kitchen and this smaller one in my purse ( suitcase :) Actually as I have shared before our life is best described by the word intense. We never do something that is normal or above the top ....This past week I have had at least 2 appt.s every day or today I was at Hopkins most of the day with Andrew's procedure. This week we had some very significant appts. and I am anxious to get the results of today's biopsies and some of the evaluations that were done. The week that was more blank was the week my "grand" babies from NC came and of course Nana cleared her calendar for my sweethearts . I once had a doctor who saw my calendar suggest an electronic app. for my phone....Unfortunately I am more of a paper person...I like a paper calendar in my hands ....I just need to see my goings and comings when I start my day and when I end it upstairs in the bathroom  :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please pray for this greasy little guy tomorrow

 This is how we found Andrew this morning.....There was Eucerin cream everywhere :) He found the tub of it and decided to smear it all over himself, the bed, the wall , his toys and I am sure he tasted it as well....My oh my little guy what are we going to do ? He loved it though. Tomorrow he is having an endoscopic study done at Johns Hopkins with our new GI specialist we have been using since August. He will be put to sleep and he did great the last time in January..... He is still vomiting . I requested it and have a feeling about what it might be. We also have again tried gluten free and dairy free diets but there was no change in his vomiting. His abdominal sonogram report was normal ...even though the tech. as she was doing it stated she could not get a good picture of his pancreas because he had lots of gas. His vomiting usually comes with a burp. Any guess as to what might be causing it ? I will share mine tomorrow after we are home. I am sure if he did not eat Eucerin cream that might help him too :)  

Two of some of my favorite gifts ....

 These flags represent the countries where our children were born in....all 27 children- from l to r they are Russia, Mexico, USA, Ukraine, Ghana, and Bulgaria.

This is a sign with a saying that I think shares about the ability of our family to "Get things done" and we hope we give God the glory. Cate got the flags for me and Jonas made the sign.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just because ......

 it was a gorgeous evening tonite we ate outside and had a "fire camp".

Then Abraham got his guitar and we listened to him play and sing and we sang along. My family can put away some marshmellows too.

Monday, October 24, 2011

She thought my pumpkins needed to be rearranged....

She is so much fun...and has so much attitude...mmmm I can just squish those cheeks. Love Love Love her.