Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home.... How sweet it is to be Home

We got in last nite from our vacation to visit our daughter, Jenn and her family and Hilton Head Beach. She lives half way there and that was our stopping over... Okay we did really want to see our "grand" babies, Ella and Ezra too. They just moved to the "farm" and it is so beautiful there. Actually on our way in on Sunday we were joking we could just stay there for the week.... They have lots of wildlife (even without us visiting them :)

Then it was on to the beach.... Of course the kids had a great time. Although I have to say... when we checked in at the gate to our resort we looked to our right and saw a very large alligator swimming in the pond beside the gate..... I asked in true stupid form," Is that a real alligator?" Of course she said yes and smiled.... In the literature it stated not to feed the alligators or entice them... Oh duh ! When we got to the hotel entrance I asked about the alligators.... There response was they usually stay away from the hotel because the water is more salty than out there... only about a half a mile away. The joke all week was if you disobey you get to take a walk to the gate.... Funny everyone was on their best behavior :)

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