Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are at the beach.... Keith and Mary Kate's wedding

We are at the Outer Banks all week for Mary Kate and Keith's wedding. We are at a house that is ocean front... and it sleeps 23 in beds. I will never want to come to the beach again unless we are on ocean front. How easy to just send the kids in, do lunch and eat it out by the pool, watch the kids while looking out our window. Actually we can see the ocean out of all the master bedroom windows too. They get married on Sat. on the beach. We are having a wonderful time celebrating with all the family and Keith's. He has 11 kids in his family so there are lots of kids, teens and even married ones and grand babies.... for Nana and Paw it can't get any better:)

Our adoption documents are done and were sent to the US embassy in Bulgaria. Toni is meeting Monday with them and then will take that document to to the MOJ and then to court... we are hoping to travel in Oct. or early Nov.. It has been incrediably busy with all the wedding plans, moving them to their house, Molly also just bought her first home and we have been helping with that and settling things at my father's home since he passed in May.... then add the adoption documents.... but we are done! Praise God!

We have decided to take Cate and Joseph back with us when we pick the kids up... they both have such sweet hearts for orphans and it will be wonderful to have them along side of us.


smctiver said...

Hi MJ,

Everything sounds heavenly!!! So glad that you'll be traveling soo to bring Dancho & Gracie home.

Enjoy the wedding!


Kelly said...

That is awesome news! I can't wait to be at that point! :)

The Keno Family said...

Maybe we will be traveling to Bulgaria at the same time! We hope to be picking our son Aiden in October. Mary Ellen Keno

Christie M said...

YEA! What a wonderful family time.
Documents done too! That is awesome.
We just settled our kids into a new apartment. :)
They stayed with us for 6 weeks. I was really fun having them and the grand girls here. It is really nice that they are right down the street. :)