Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where has the furniture gone ?

Over the 13 yrs we have lived here we have added on to our house by adding on to our deck. It really is an extension of our living space. It is a big deck - 2,000 sq. feet..  Paul and the kids built a lower deck this spring- actually a Mothers Day gift. Well, this wknd. it was time to stain the decks. So Paul and the kids took all the  furniture off yesterday and today they stained the decks...the kids went swimming last evening and ate popsicles  but had to sit on the floor. They did not seem to mind.


:)De said...

Gotta love orange Popsicle! Are both pools the same size and depth?


mommajeane said...

The pool on the l is a 24 ft round and the pool on the r is 27 ft round...We had the 24 ft one for 12 yrs and 2 yrs ago we were going to replace it with a larger one ( we outgrew it)...when I called the pool company and asked if they ever had put a second pool next to the original one they laughed and said no but it could be done. So we did thing ever. We have a quiet pool and a loud pool :) I can float and watch the kids in the big pool and they can play rougher than I would allow with me in it :)

:)De said...

Sounds perfect!