Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer these days....

Abraham talking with his girlfriend, DeeAnna- all smiles. They have the sweetest relationship. They met at church and have been together 6 yrs in August. 

Big and lots of games of Monopoly this summer.

Josiah creating legos

Nap and reading time. We have quiet time from 1 to 3 every day. Older kids can read quietly ( they are always together just like this picture).

Milo learning about Andrew and helping to feed him.

I love the hearts of my kids even my grand babies who want to help take care of Andrew.

 Of course music is a huge part of our days...often in the evening after dinner...and the kids love to dance. We do school a few days of the week ( it changes because of company or how full our life always is). We are waiting any day for Mary Kate to have her baby- another little girl named Calea Joy. They have 6 kids under the age of 7 :) Do you think she is taking after her momma ?


Christie M said...

Fun summer days! I love seeing the kids relax and read together or play games.

Today, I'm cleaning off my desk and filing papers that should have been filed 2 months ago. Not so summery, but I'll feel better when I'm done! :)

Unknown said...

Long time casual reader here :) Just curious how many and what ages are at home?

mommajeane said...

Hi Alannah,

We have 24 children still at home and when we bring our 2 newest home from Ghana it will be 26 children. Our oldest son, Abraham whom we adopted from Mexico is 30. he has been home for 28 yrs.. He is blind and suffered brain damage from a beating he got when he was in his orphanage. Our youngest are actually twin boys- jesse and Judah age 2 yrs. We have 10 of us at home who are 18 and over.