Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Home Outside

Our front door

The Peace Garden

We have 2 full size soccer nets in our front yard, 2 basketball courts - We spend lots of time outside all year at our own home.

We have 2 pools surrounded by a very large deck. We swim every day and many times from 10 am to 4 pm.. 

We also have 2 trampolines, and 2 play swing set areas. Paul and the kids built one and made extra equipment for the kids like the chin up bar, climbing wall, balance beam and a separate area of low decks for the kids under trees that have become forts, play houses or whatever their imagination desires. 

Our "fire camp " pit 

We have a fenced vegetable garden that we enjoy but don't rely on ... We try many diff. veggies but also plant our favorites of tomatoes and cucumbers. 

You may notice lots of rocking chairs in my blog post before this and we also have lots of swings for all the little ones ( grand babies included ) and Andrew who enjoys movement.

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