Friday, July 8, 2016

My favorite police officer - my son, Ben

 I am the momma to 36 children... 12 of them are African American , 1 is Mexican, 2 are Roma and 21 are white. 

We have 12 African American children and 5 grandchildren who are also African Americans.

This is my son Ben and my husband, Paul

My son Ben is a police officer. Here he is on his graduation day from the academy.

 April 2015

Here is Ben today....I asked him to come up so I could take my favorite police officer out to lunch. I am very proud of my son. He received excellent training at the academy and works in one of the best police departments ( at least imo ). I pray for him all the time. He chose this career because he wants to make a difference ... and he is every day on his job protecting his community and doing a job many would not want in these times. We talk most every day he works...We end our conversations with, " I love you". 

I stayed up last nite watching the horror in Dallas, Ben called me at midnite and we shared emotions and thoughts. I read posts and news stories every time there is a shooting ( black or white). I have an almost insatiable appetite for news surrounding police. I watch the videos of the shootings, the riots the heartache felt by the families when a loved one is lost to this. I sit all my children down and we talk about what is happening . I have my own thoughts coming from a white woman who has lived a privileged life but one who has a deep heart for any injustice . I have done my best to be sensitive to the underdog or those who struggle in ways maybe I have not. I think of the children without their parent or the girlfriend , wife , mom , sister who will miss them. I am sure it is difficult. 

I think of my own children, white and black. Then I am even more convicted to teach my children about obedience and the importance of respecting authority even if you feel threatened or things go bad

I am so very proud of my son who is a police officer... So is his very big, mega, diverse family .

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