Sunday, July 27, 2008

1 month home and things are well

I always love when we hit the 1 month mark home time.... things begin to settle down and we get back to something normal.... I have finally figured out the food and cooking, the new ones are learning and doing the routines without many issues.... and it feels like we are a family..... Paul was disciplining Jonas for acting up some in Sunday school.... too bad for Jonas that his sister is in the same class... Paul was saying, "You know things are different now... You are different now. You are Jonas Briggs... a part of this family. You represent me and this family to others and we can not have this behavior while you are in Sunday school- he was being silly and talking with another girl ( not sure how he still is non english - oh well ). His punishment was he was not allowed to get ice cream when we all went out to Ritas for a treat..... Later though he came up to me and said he was sorry and I could tell he meant it...There is alot of this type of parenting going on.... Your in a family now, You don't have to be like that or this is how we do things here" is said alot :) It seems to be well received.

Ben got back a week ago from his mission trip to Russia with our church. He had been home just a week from the adoption trip with us and left for Russia. He will never admit it but I think he is glad to be on US soil... He worked at a Christian camp for teens... some of them were drug addicts.... I hope to post some of his pics when he downloads them.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit my "grand" babies in North Carolina- Ella and Ezra this past week. I took 7 of us for a visit and we had a glorious time of it.... I would often forget that Ella was 2 when playing with her ... she and Mya would play and Ella was just right there with Mya who is 6 and a half ... especially with her language skills and imagination--- I love the imagination of children. Ezra is the crusiing now and a speedy gonzalous when he is down on the floor.. He loves to roll things across with his hand and follow it. He still is such and easy baby. It is such a gift to have these precious children in our lives.... wish we lived closer....

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