Thursday, November 15, 2012

It is almost Turkey Time and we are off for a week...

These turkeys are one of the crafts the kids did this week...We also learned alot about turkeys in our unit study. We also learned about the first Thanksgiving . 


Our science unit was on crystals and we made this one out of a borax solution and we tasted sugar crystals ( rock candy). We studied about  Veteran's day and I was impressed with how the kids understood the significance of our veterans and the freedoms they have . I am looking forward to the holidays...I have struggled to not decorate any sooner but I think Friday we will. We are getting lots of company for Thanksgiving and even the following week...So for me it is already feeling festive just thinking of my grand babies coming .  I love the holidays.

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Christie M said...

I love the holidays too! Those turkeys are really cute!
We made rock candy one year for Science. That was a fun project.
Happy Thanksgiving!