Sunday, December 2, 2012

We had a Grinch party the last afternoon with the grand children....

I dipped the cups in colored sugar and filled them with ginger ale with a cherry. We popped popcorn and dipped dry lime jello in it ....and then we watched  the Grinch. 

We made jingle bells and colored individual puzzles and just enjoyed being together.

I am not sure why I am so drawn to this movie. Normally I don't appreciate animated movies. The characters are weird but the little girl- Cindy Loo melts my heart. I love how she sees way more in the Grinch and helps him to see that too. I love her simple love expressed in a real way that changes the heart of many. Anyway we had a fun afternoon and now the 4 are home - 6 hrs away :( I miss them.

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