Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leah and another one of her amazing abilities...

Leah is our hair dresser now. Keith's sister, Jenny taught Leah some techniques and we have seen Leah really take off with her ability to do hair. Jenny is my hairdresser and has been great about doing the kids hair or teaching Leah and we appreciate it very much - plus she is fun to be around and the girls have all enjoyed when she comes.

I have way to much gray( actually white) in my hair for a momma to 30 and young ones as little as 2 so I do color my hair...but even with Jenny helping out with the cost it got to be too expensive for Leah does my color now too. Here she is cutting Anna, Olivia and Naty's hair and she did a terrific job.  Her confidence has been building and she said she would cut my hair for me the next time. I love having someone who can do things like this for the family because it saves money and when it is as good a job as a professional that is even better. I am really proud of Leah and yet another one of her amazing abilities. Aren't my girls gorgeous and their inner beauty shines thru too ?

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Blogger Lori Poppinga said...
What a gift to have someone in your household be able to cut hair! Looks like she is doing a great job!
Keep up the God work.
December 6, 2012 11:05 AM

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MARY B. said...

Wow! What a blessing for Keith's sister to teach Leah and then for Leah to share that with your family! Cutting hair is an as an artist it's no surprise to me that Leah is talented in this area too! Love, Mary B.