Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life with our little ones is full....

Kloe outside practicing walking

Kloe having tea with her "Aunts" :)

Kloe and Mady watching Praise Baby with their "Uncles" :)

Getting their school done...together

I am so glad to have some of my grandchildren as close as they are . They fit right in too with the ages of our little ones...and for the most part they all get along really well. They are being raised together and  it has been a neat experience to have children who are the same age as some of my grand children are. I especially appreciate this since I have some grand children who live far away and I hate that. You have heard me say it before that long distance grand parenting is so hard. When you don't see each other but a few times a year it is so hard...the children grow up and we miss out on their life. We miss all of the grand children and are thankful for the opportunity to at least have some of our grand ones close.

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Penny said...

I feel you about the grands that are far away. I have one three hours, two five hours, two and a half eight hours, and the next one will be thirteen hours away. None even in the same direction, either. :( I am grateful three live here and we see them often, but I miss the others.