Friday, March 29, 2013

Rejoice with me as I travel to Ghana

I hate to leave them....

 but I am so excited to finally hug them...

I am leaving for Ghana today with Keith my son in law to pick up 2 new blessings. I am beyond excited. To give me a chance to visit the home country of my own children and grandchildren is a gift. Easter is about the new life we as Christians were given at the be a part of something the Lord designed for these 2 precious children- giving them new life and hopefully one day they too will understand fully the love Jesus has for them is a blessing.

I will also be meeting their mom and the birth mom to my 2 sets of twins. What a privilege it is to share with them how well the children are doing. I am going to meet 2 other children - something we have been praying about and I will share when I get home :)

My husband or daughters will guest blog post for me while I am in Ghana. Please pray for us as we travel, hug on our new life and meet the moms whom we can love on and the 2 precious ones I will be meeting.


Unknown said...

How sad that their mothers gave them up! Do you know what their reason was?

It's sad to see that so many children are given up for international adoption because of poverty, instead of the communities and the parents being enabled to raise their own children.

It's great, though, that you can keep in touch with their mothers and they can see how well their children are progressing!

mommajeane said...

It is sad and If I could share all the stories of some of my kids it would make you even angry...but , I have not lived in extreme poverty or even poverty so I try not to judge the actions of the moms. How do I know what I would do in their shoes....but, I am glad to be able to connect back with some of the families of our children day maybe our children will go back to visit.

I do know the history of my children but, I can never understand the why.

Christie M said...

Safe travels! Excited for you!
I guess we will never know the whys of IA, but I am thankful for the journey and the hope for our children.

MARY B. said...

Blessings to you and Keith as you travel for God!
I am so inspired by your family and consider it such an incredible blessing and gift to call you "friend"!
Love, Mary