Monday, August 12, 2013

A little of this and a little of that....

These are my littles looking out to our deck at Molly's dogs. They are rotweillers- Hank and Roxy. Molly and Mike are moving to Georgia and are selling their home in Hagerstown...Molly brought them over during a house showing.

We celebrated Nataly and Rachel's 20th bday . 

The past few days it has warmed up and we are back swimming...Water temperature is 86- perfect.

Our yg adults exhausted after a day of Kings Dominion. Ben and Ana taking a nap the next day.

We had white powdered donuts for breakfast :)

Mya can multi task. She can hold Calea and play on my iPad . 

These were just some of the nothingness of our last summer days....All organized for our school but we don't start until after Labor Day. We squeak out every bit of summer fun we can.

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