Sunday, August 18, 2013

I had a lot of help making donuts and a lot of eaters of donuts

Easy , easy delicious recipe to make your own donuts.

Everyone got in all the making and the eating.

This was our dinner tonite. We also eat our main meal on Sundays at lunch and then in the evening it is "eat whatever you like". I made these donuts tonite and they are super easy to make . You take the refrigerator rolls and pop them open. Cut out the middle with any circle object and save for donut holes.  Heat oil in a pan and place the dough in the oil for no longer than 3 minutes- when they turn a golden brown. Throw the holes in to for less time. Remove onto a paper towel and dredge in powdered sugar , granulated sugar and cinnamon sugar. Amazingly fast and easy.


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