Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh the joy of pretending, dressing up, walking at nite with your siblings, and then coming home to your treats

Is Mady not the cutest purple cowgirl, fairy princess ever ? ( She had a difficult time deciding what she wanted to be - which is so Mady )

Getting ready to go out with Daddy ( Paw Paw) and, Keith

Milo was just plain cute camo guy. 

 It was warm but it started to sprinkle a bit tonite...It did not hold up them from having fun. Pure and innocent fun. Nothing scary or frightening just a fun filled nite with the family- we eat candy, play games and the little ones dress up and go trick or treating. Coming home and sharing their candy with each other... and no the kids don't get hyper from all the sugar ( mine never have in all the 34 yrs I have been a mom). We studied Martin Luther and Reformation Day in school this week and we here know who is the real ghost- the Holy Ghost or Spirit. Sorry I don't get all upset about celebrating Fall and eating candy . It is not my favorite holiday- Actually Easter is but, I enjoy all the special memories we make at each holiday.

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