Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are home but they are not yet...soon we pray

Papaye and Emmanuel always smiling- brightening our days. 

We met sweet Shadrach and it was very apparent how much difficulty he is having to breath. I pray he can come home soon. Eating is getting difficult for him an he often chokes during the times he eats and drinks. He needs a miracle .

They both are wonderful with children- and that is a good thing since they have lots of siblings.

Everywhere we travel there is a dove- my encouragement that the Holy Spirit is always with me.  We had many miracles the first week - getting the clearance letter, and the kids passports. We thought our luggage was all stolen , we thought when we changed hotels after a phone call to the new one that we did not have a room. I got information that my favorite aunt was ill probably not going to make it ,  and the amount of money needed was getting higher and higher. We had every desire met but the one we needed the most- At our exit interview we were put into administrative review. This means they just check things out and for some families it is done in a few weeks but for some it has been months.  When they are done they will contact us and hopefully give us a print date for the kid's visas which will allow us to go back and get them. Actually Paul will and we are so praying it will be in a few weeks. Will you please pray for this to happen . Also Shadrach needs prayers for his health- specifically his breathing. We need his process to move quickly so we can bring him home for his surgery. Hoping to share soon that the kids will be home.

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