Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A small window into our time in Ghana....

The flowers at the Airside Hotel are always beautiful

They loved the mini iPads but often got in trouble using them : )

Swimming is the best bonding experience we have had with our kids. 

They use bamboo poles when building structures. 

The ocean is beautiful everywhere. 

My kids know I love hotdogs... just showing them a Ghana hot dog, watermelon and papaya on the side.

The ever present sewer system...only this one had a partial covering...usually they don't.

Giving our birth moms the picture albums...my kids were loved and I love these mommas for the gift they have given to us. Our children are blessed to have both who love them .

Taking Shadrach to the social welfare directors office. As you can see his brain and skull is greatly affected by his condition. 

Sweet , sweet smiles from my sweethearts.

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