Monday, September 15, 2014

Some very exciting news to share

This is our new son and daughter , Sandra and Jr with Joseph in Ghana

We attended court and it is official - they are Briggs

Sweet spirits and very good in school. They are our first children who speak English well . They both were translating the twi for us even when we did not ask.

Then we met baby Kofi and fell in love with him even before we held him in our arms....

And then there was another baby boy, David who needed a family . We have been praying about adopting both boys together and we have decided to welcome both of these precious ones into our family. Kofi is missing his legs and most of his arms and hands. David is missing his feet and has an issue with his tongue . We feel both boys will benefit from being raised together and we will be seeing the same doctor for the orthopedic issues. We are well connected to our medical professionals and have lots of help at home . Please pray with us as we prepare for all of these blessings to come home.

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MARY B. said...

Hi Jeane,
You always amaze me! Little Kofi and David are so incredibly cute! I can see how it would be hard to resist :-). Congratulations on the new Briggs! Blessings to everyone!
Mary B.