Friday, September 5, 2014

Did you know we have quite a few " princesses" in our family ?

Celebrating birthdays in August...Nataly shares a birthday with our twins Jesse and Judah . So we celebrated the twins earlier as I shared. Our older girls are now all adult adults...3 of them turn 21. Since they all ( Cate, Nataly, Rachel and Leah) were all adopted as older teens they never had a little girls party. So we had a princess party for all of the older girls for Rachel and Nataly's b-day. All the older girls sat at the " Queens " table and the little ones sat at the princess table. It was a lot of fun .

I hope my older girls feel like princesses...they are all beautiful in physical and spirit. I love being their momma . They have been a blessing to us and are full of life and compassion . Happy Birthday girls ! Love you all to the moon and back.