Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Peek Into Our Week at the Beach

Monster Truck Stop - Kids love it

Grace seeing the Sound as we are crossing over to the Outer Banks

After we arrive, unpack, we visit the beach which was an easy walk down the street.

We had a pool that was heated and the kids enjoyed the swim time in the evenings...I guess you could say we are a family that loves to be in the water. Because after our day at the beach we would hang by the pool.

The water was warm .

Lots of digging and creating in the sand. 

We love shopping at Wings this week ~ everything  is 50 % off. We clean up on hoodies, flip flops, Christmas presents and beach jewelry.

Cloe and Milo taking a nap on Nana and Paw Paw's bed

We celebrated Ezra since we missed his birthday.

We also celebrated Luke's 13th b-day. His choice of dessert was chocolate eclair cake ( Which has become the dessert of choice this year - even over dirt dessert )

Andrew did a lot of walking on the beach.

I think Jesse and Judah dug all the way to China every day.

But our favorite is always playing in the surf. There were also a lot of shell this year. We have bags and bags of them to add to our collection.

Ezra and Eli enjoy the surf.

The group picture

Nana and Paw with 10 of our 14 grand children . 

Ben and Ana

Keith was always up to being silly

Lots of fun as always and many memories made...till the next time.


Rachel Briggs said...

It has been an amazing week for all of our families at the beach that's for sure.

Rachel Briggs said...

The beach trip has been an adventure for our families.

Rachel Briggs said...

The beach trip has been an adventure for all of us.