Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Catching up part 3.... Visit to

Mady, Zoe, Ava and Ella

Mady and Zoe best buddies for the weekend

The girls made cookies and the guys worked around the yard at Jenn's and Jeremiah's.

The kids found a " cow fossil"  ;)

Mady and Zoe were mad because they couldn't go down to the lake with the other.....

Getting ice cream at the Marina 

The last weekend of March I traveled to visit Jenn and Jeremiah...with Ben, Mya, Ava , Mady and Luke. It was good to see their new home in Roanoke, VA . We lived there for 4 and half yrs before we moved here and it was good to see things from our time there.  It was also Eli's birthday . We had lots of fun and enjoyed being together. Mady and Zoe especially got along well. Here they are saying goodbye until the next time.

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