Friday, April 3, 2015

Some of the God connections I made in Ghana....

One of the foster moms - Ruth with her newborn she calls, "Momma Jeane".
Best and his little sister, Sara

Ruth holding a child at the foster home

Meet my namesake in Ghana....This foster mom, Ruth came running to me as soon as I stepped out of the car last month and gave me the biggest hug....followed by the little girl, in this pink shirt named Sara. I had not seen Ruth for awhile but, she remembered me. These visits with the precious people I meet on my trips have a special place in my heart. This woman and I can't talk the same spoken language but we do share something.... she understands my love for these children and she loves them too in her way. She had just given birth to her baby girl 5 weeks before I got there. She asked me if she could name her after me...I said my name was Jeane and the other foster mom added momma to Jeane which happens to be my username . I was honored to have this dear woman name her baby girl after me. 

This little girl, Sara and her siblings Best and an older sister named Mary ( who this time was visiting someone while I was there ) are sweet children as well. There mom is the other foster mom in Kwahu. Her name is Felicia. The 3 siblings, Sara, Best and Mary are her bio. children. Seeing how sweet they are made me think momma has done a great job with them. I always bring a few things to share and the children are very grateful for the candy , school supplies, balls, small toys, and clothing I bring it seems so little . Sara loves purses and is always full of joy with any attention I give her. She would "help" with the babies and they seemed comfortable with her attention. She and her siblings play together with the items I bring and get along so well together. This small group of people are a joy to visit with when I travel to Ghana. They will always have a special place in my heart....I know that their life is not easy. While there in March they had no power so as darkness came it was dark ...I mean very dark. This is their life and they seem to walk thru it well. Way better than I could. I feel blessed and hope always to have opportunities in my days to encourage or love on whomever the Lord brings. I love these God connections.

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