Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gracie's hearing test and both of their opthamologist appt.

I am happy to share that Gracie has normal hearing and so her not talking is not related to her ability to hear. She tested very well which was exactly what we thought they would tell us but it is always good to have the proffessionals reasure us.

Gracie does have exotropia- her left eye goes out to the side sometimes... ( which was not on her medical but I diagnosed when we picked her up) but she has good central focusing abilities so we are just watching it for now. She does have an astigmatism that will be helped with glasses so she will be getting glasses soon and they should also help some with her exotropia.

Andrew's diagnosis of congenitial glaucoma was accurate... she feels his eye pressure is normal and she recommends nothing else for now... unless we were to suspect he was in pain ( which we do not) and of course this is a permanant blindess which is exactly what we thought as well.

Both of them did very well even with the long drive to Baltimore... Andrew has been a very happy little guy this week... the melatonin relaxes him and he goes right to to sleep peacefully and stays asleep... he is showing a preference for his food... even though it is eaten thru his bottles... he does not seem to like baby formula ( which I used today since we were going to be gone all day)... he ate only the bottles we fixed this am and waited until we were home and would not eat the formula ones in the car at all. We fixed the bottles with milk at home and he ate them... before he would eat anything I put in them... this is a good thing actually but he can be picky sometimes.


Kelly said...

Great news for Gracie! Hooray! :) Just curious... does she make sounds, just not any words?

It is so neat to hear Andrews personality and preferences waking up! Go Andrew! :)

Difference2This1 said...

I have been blessed by reading your blog and keeping up with how your newest are doing since arriving home. I found you shortly before we found ourselves looking at children from the country where you recently returned on the RR site. I don't believe it was a coincidence that I arrived on a blog with such detailed, helpful, and encouraging information about the journey we may take. I can't imagine you have "free" time, but if you ever have a moment, would love to ask a couple questions.... God bless, Jennifer in Delaware