Saturday, February 6, 2010

I don't make this too often but it was a great day for cabbage rolls and sitting by the fire


Christie M said...

We love cabbage rolls.

Do your girls ever remember cabbage baked inside of bread? We had this in Ukraine and I don't know how they make it.
I would guess, sort of like a calzone, but instead of pizza toppings, you use cabbage?

Nance said...

Hi, Ive just came across your blog and your family looks like so much fun. We have adopted from Romania and Colombia and if you could find the time to email me so that I could ask you a few questions on institutional autism and the size of your family and how it was done. My email address is
Thanks, Nance

Julie said...

Yum, Vika loves to make cabbage rolls with me! Does it take you as long as it does us (a couple of hours)? Wish we could figure out how to make it go faster! She could eat them every day.

Enjoy the snow - I can't even imagine your laundry pile!

mommajeane said... girls do not remember cabbage in bread..they did eat the cabbage rolls like I made..

Julie... it does take us a few hours to make and cook but they are so yummy it is worth it!