Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joseph finally made it here

Joseph is the best uncle....He really loves all of his nieces and nephews. He made it down to NC today just after 12 and it was good to see him. He will be taking me and Mya home tomorrow in the afternoon. I am going with Jenn to the pediatricians and then we will leave :( I sure wish they lived closer.....

Ezra trying out his sister's car seat :)

We have done crafts every day and Leah and Naty are super helpers and so creative with the art material I brought down. Here they were making lizards out of beads and fairy ribbons....

So you notice who is in alot of my pics with Zoe ? Mya will be a super momma one day. She loves helping with Zoe.

I know the next time I see her she will have changed so much :( I hate long distance grandparenting :(

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Christie M said...

"I hate long distance grand parenting"..... ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!
4 our our grand children live out of state now. :( I want to hug and squeeze them and I can't. :(
Zoe is beautiful!