Friday, August 5, 2011

We have been busy getting ready for school... 18 pupils in our Faith Works Homeschool

We moved Andrew into another room and so his old room has become our school storage room. We moved most all of our school books and supplies into his old room...and we have worked all week getting ready and ordering books . I still have some planning to do but we were able to get alot done. This is almost an overwhelming task for me to be honest but after 28 yrs home schooling it is not as difficult as it may sound to teach 18 kids. Sometimes I do wonder but our first children ( our bio. kids) all have done very well in everything they desired to do and I am very proud of all of them. I got an unexpected pat on the back this past week...Cate, Leah, Naty, Rachel, Olivia, Jacob, and Jonas are going to be taking thier GED. The way it is done in WV you take a training class and then pretests. If you want to they have a tutor every Wed. afternoon for free . Our kids went to the tutor this Wed. and he made the comment to them "They must have had a good teacher" because he was very impressed with what they knew and how they did....I can't tell you how rewarding it was for me to hear that because these are our first group of kids who I have taught thru graduation who are ESL students. I never really know if we have hit the mark always with the skills they need for this and their future. I am very proud of all of my children and I am excited to begin our school...after Labor Day. We are old fashion about this ...Our summer is not over until after Labor Day.

We also have Jenn's baby being born next week...Yeah for Zoe Elizabeth Hambrick...Jenn is being induced next week and I will be down there welcoming my newest grand baby and loving on the others :) Also on Aug. 25 Anna will be having major jaw surgery at Johns Hopkins and having a Redd device placed on her head that will allow me to distract her jaw daily. She has a severe malocclusion and this will correct that. The device is like what Mya and Luke had on their legs on this is placed inside her mouth and around her head...the good 2 things are - No pin site infections to worry about when it is on the head and - It will only be worn for 6 weeks. Then she has surgery on Sept. 29 to remove it and do a bone graft to fill in the space that we gain. So the beginning of our school year includes lots as always...Our life is usually lived this way- intense.


Eva said...

I will be praying for your daughters as you welcome your new grandbaby and for your daughters surgery! Blessings!

MARY B. said...

Hi Jeane,
Intense is a great word! Nothing compared to our little abode of 8 kiddies at the moment...we have a little 9 mo. old for 2 weeks to love all over! You've inspried me to go check all of our markers too this morning! Oh how I long for an official school room :)...our cabinets, book shelves and closet shelves are spread all over the house - to have everything in one spot would be awesome and productive and conducive to learning! We'll get there one day. Blessings to Jenn, Jeremiah and family next week...more excitement coming!
Love in Christ, MommaMary2Many

Penny said...

Wow! You might end up with more pupils than I have. I teach kindergarten in public school here in Louisiana. We usually have 20-23 kids, but so far this year we only have 12-15 in each K class. Last year, we had 16-17, but then with last minute enrollers~ ended up with the 22-23 in each. Not really counting on having a class of less than 20, but one can dream. lol
Hope Jenn births with NO complications and Zoe is healthy. Also, Anna's surgery and recovery goes smoothly and quickly. :)

Connie said...

Just catching up on your life tonight. We'll be at Hopkins on the 25th too. Michael is starting his appointments that day. We'll finish on Monday. It will be a tough time for him. Where will you and Anna be and for how long? Maybe we can look for you.