Monday, August 22, 2011

Mya- Have Leg Will Travel

This is Mya's full leg brace that she wears all the time. It really does help her to walk and she wears it all the time...except of course this am when she ate breakfast and she parked it :)

They jimmy rigged a piece of tape like a stirrup to hold her foot in place. She can't peddle at all with her l leg so they removed the peddle and she just hangs her leg down . The r leg does all the work. She and her siblings worked all afternoon balancing her. She has wanted to ride a bike for real for a long time and today she did it. I am very proud of her....NOTHING is going to hold this child back. I love the tenacity and courage of these children...they are such an encouragement to me...and they are my heros.

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