Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bananas dipped in chocolate- yum !

Joseph took Paul and I out to dinner with Ben here... to The Melting Pot. Our daughter Jenn and her husband, Jeremiah went to this for their anniversary and shared with us about it. It sounded like a fun place to go and Joseph loves to eat out. The closest one was a good hr drive away. We had reservations for a late dinner 8 pm.. We chose the 4 course meal - which started with a cheese fondue / apples, bread and veggies. They place the fondue pot on the middle of the table where there is a built in heating element. Everyone at the table is given the fondue forks and you all share the pot. After this you choose your salad from 4 choices and eat that. For the main entree you all have to decide which style you want the food to be cooked in...the whole table has to choose the same method. Then they bring in a very small amount of meats and veggies to be cooked by us at the table
:( . Then the dessert is many diff. chocolates and fruits, cakes, cheesecake, rice krispie treat that you dip into the melting chocolate mixture your table picked. It is a very expensive meal and was fun to do once...but I did not appreciate paying so much for so little and then having to cook it myself :) :) You place your veggies in first and then skewer the meat on the forks and place them in the boiling fondue...Most of the time we had to recook ours because it was not getting cooked and I am not the biggest fan of "boiled" meat. However with this all said my favorite was the dessert- especially the melted chocolate with the bananas and strawberries...I so enjoyed that part that I have continued to eat the bananas and share my love of this with the kiddos at home :)


Christie M said...

I have heard of this place too, but never gone. Now that I know I would have to cook too, it wouldn't be for me. LOL

Between You Me and Avery said...

A little secret we found out, you can order the cheese and chocolate for 5$ each a person (so 10$ a person) during happy hour at the tables in the bar area. I didn't really care for the main dish anyways, but the cheese and chocolate were awesome!! And for 10$ I think it is worth it!