Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An afternoon at Devils Backbone Park

We packed a picnic lunch and drove just about 20 minutes to a very pretty park that was not very crowded ( until the 30 of us showed up :)

 Our Ghana 6 were all smiles.

Cate and Gracie

Judah swinging with Caleb

Climbing to the top of the pole is the challenge whenever we are here....

There is also a pretty waterfall to enjoy.

It was a good family day and we came home to a not normal big dinner - Pot Roast. It has gotten to expensive for us to eat this but I found some at Sams and we had a big dinner Sunday evening to end our family day. I loved having a slow and restful Sunday.


MARY B. said...

beautiful! Would make a great Christmas card except for the few boys missing! Looks like everyone had great fun. I'm trying to imagine packing lunch, snacks, and drinks for 30! It's tough enough when it's just my 8 at the park for 30 minutes in between swim lessons! Still doesn't beat your park like yard!!!! love, Mary B.

Stacey said...

I'm with Mary on the lunch packing thought. Whew! My family of five has been off to the parks this week, with LOVELY waterfalls and we have to fill the cooler!

Love the pictures! Glad your Sunday was restful.