Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Lord's provision thru our garden

These were the crew that was helping me to make dinner last nite...We dish our food from the island and tonite we ate part of what we grew in our garden....We grilled the squash with onions that were splashed with oil and garlic salt...and yes we are still eating squash :)

We have had a garden every year...Actually I have put in a garden I think almost every year of our 35 plus yrs of marriage . There just is nothing like a fresh tomato and cucumber. Our cukes have almost died but our tomatoes are really coming in now. This is one days worth minus another full bowl of the cherry tomatoes...I just put them in a bowl and let the kids eat them whenever they want. This is so nice to be able to do because since we are such a large family- our food budget is huge and I control the amounts of food eaten. So it is a blessing to have a garden where we have so much food...We are thankful to the Lord for His provision thru our garden.

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Christie M said...

Beautiful Tomatoes! I am hoping to start our garden back up next Spring.
I think the girlies will be able to handle it. :)