Friday, August 24, 2012

The sweetest sound to my ears- " Momma"

To me there is no other sweeter sound than hear my child call me momma. I know my heart is filled with joy when I hear them call me...I also know that there are children who have mommas who don't feel the same way. For whatever reasons they are struggling. My heart aches when I hear them say, " I am so happy that school is here- a return to peace and quiet. " Or just last wknd. I was somewhere and I heard a grandad say, " I am so glad that school starts on Monday. My grandkids will be in school and I can return to quiet." How sad to think that the children in their lives are thought of in such a way as this. I hope these kids never hear them express their feelings about summer to them....but I just don't feel that way. I love being around them and miss even my older children who are grown. When they call or come home it still warms my heart.

Yeah it is crazy and loud and often chaotic here but the sounds of my children laughing, talking and calling my name still remind me that I am truly blessed.


Unknown said...

Have you ever thought about why they might just say it? I have often told my kids I couldn't wait for school to start, so there is, once again structure in our lives, yet I also can't wait for the next holiday period. Just that parents are happy that school is back in session doesn't mean they value or love their children any less than you do. You know, many of them probably work full time and do all the other mother things in addition to tacking their out of the home job. Really. You are not in their place, you don't know their hearts, and judging them is so not Christlike.

mommajeane said...

If I were judging them yes I agree with you Hevel. I just don't like hearing about their displeasure with spending anymore time with their kids. All of the ones I heard or saw were in that meaning and not because it would return order, or even that the kids love school. When I hear it it sounds so degrading to me and I have heard it often with the moms saying these things right in front of the children. I am not even professing that people have to home school...just if you feel that way about summer or breaks from kids- keep it to yourself or your private group of adult friends and family. It is the public display of "being able to get my life back now" that I have heard expressed that upsets my heart. Our culture does not value children enough and it hurts my heart to hear it so readily expressed. No I am not in their place nor would I wish to be if my life was driven to that. I am looking forward to beginning our school so that structured in our day is back but it never causes me to say things that I have heard. It would always be for the benefit of the children and having the structure and not my "need" to have "my" time. I also don't appreciate your comment about Christlike- I never judged them just their words. Sorry you you have to pick and choose yours. I support many struggling moms ( single,married and even the lifestyle of gay moms ) Raising children is tough but I think our culture needs to value children way more than they do and for over 35 yrs now I hear the same verbage about summer- In the beginning and at the end of the summer and it breaks my heart for children to have to hear parents express their displeasure in spending time with them...I also know that most moms do work out of the home and I have such a different opinion about that too...maybe another blog post is coming. So I think you misunderstood my post some.

Unknown said...

No, I didn't. I understood what you wrote: that parents who express that they are glad school is back in session and they get their sanity back do not love their children.

Maybe that is not what you meant, but that is what you wrote. I'm actually verys deeply offended by this post.

mommajeane said...

Hevel- Sorry you were offended but I still disagree with your "reading" of my words. I have read and reread my post and even comments and I don't see the words you say I said. If you can show me those words maybe I am missing something.My main reason for the post was the ache in my heart for the children who hear their moms express their displeasure when summer begins and joy when school starts.Kids are smart and figure out just what that means. You can have your feelings about sanity too and I can mine- I don't at all understand that comment- My sanity actually comes thru my being a momma and having my children around me and I even admitted that I know I am in the minority here...Just let me have my feelings and since I was writing to adults who I think can handle my thoughts and I was not expressing them in front of children I think adults can hear my thoughts on this...and maybe someone out there will be able to fight the cultural trend not to degrade the high calling of motherhood by expressing thier feelings in front of their children.