Friday, August 23, 2013

Post comments with dignity and respect and I will publish them

Just to share some more we have 10 adult adoptees- meaning they were born in countries that are poor and came home to their family-ours, as a child but now have grown up and are adult members of our family. Some people I realize will not agree with us and our ability to adopt so many children, or with our reasons why. Honestly we don't care what others think about our family and ministry. We only care to please the One who called us to be obedient to His will and His will only. We have lived long enough to know that not every one thinks the same way we do or lives their life like we do. In my previous post I shared about this and my thoughts on adoption vs family preservation. It is my blog and I am allowed to share my feelings about what I choose. If you wish to disagree please do so with dignity and respect. I won't post any of your comments or do I feel your arguments are worth posting because of the type of language and the hatred you seem to express thru the words you chose to write in a comment. If you want to take the time and settle your very troubled spirit and then compose your arguments about how you feel. I would welcome a difference of opinion to my blog. I also think it would be to your benefit if you wrote and shared who you were as well. I always teach my children that honesty is best and if they feel strongly about something always put your name on it . I would love to be able to converse more with you but your anonymity prevents me from doing so. Also letting my children know that the countries they were born in are poor, and struggle to care for them is being honest with my children. Even with my older now adult adoptees they have not been harmed by this honesty from us who they know love them...actually in their own words, " It has made me a better person and stronger. " They are glad to have left their birth countries and families because they were hungry, lonely and sufferd abuse...even neglect- not having enough food, being left alone when you are 2 yrs old not being able to be treated for a medical condition that would have most likely killed you is abuse.  It almost sounds like you were not given the same respect and honest answers to your life when you were growing up . I am sorry you feel such sadness and feel the need to attack my faith or my opinions with such pain. I did not post this blog to cause you pain . I will pray for your heart and precious spirit and if you ever want to become known I would love to connect.

I even just talked with my daughter, Sari, who is 9 and only been home just over a year from Ghana. She is " thrilled to be in our home and our family." As a matter of fact I get love notes from her at least 3 times a week . Yesterdays says," I am so glad that you are my parents." We don't bad mouth her birth mom, or Ghana. Actually we like you are grateful to them for the gift each child is in our family. We are for real and so is our faith and none of our children were "ripped from their parents" and all would want us to adopt them again.

I don't need to investigate how adult adoptees feel about these issues- we have adult, adopted children. We also have been in the adoption community maybe before you were even born.We have lived this life for over 28 yrs.... I think your adoption of just 2 children is not making you an authority on this issue...I do respect that you may have a different opinion than mine but until you change the tone of your comments I will not be publishing them- sorry.


Denise said...

I am so sorry that someone has made hurtful comments to you! I will pray for them too :) I love reading your blog and your family is such an inspriation to me!

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