Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Window into my time in Haiti Part 1

This was looking out of their home...everyone has locked , gated and razor wire or glass protecting their homes.

Outside the Baptist Mission in the mountains -next to my grand babies. 

Meeting the precious children who live at the mission. Here they are enjoying the Pop Rocks I brought at a park.

Lamb, goat and sheep common meat in the grocery store for the wealthy.

They have no grass for the kids but they have a nice cemented area that goes around their house where their kids play.

This was my shower buddy one nite : )

This area is what is left of a tent city from the earth quake.

The roads are like what I rode on in Ghana...and the drivers are the same crazy drivers.

Of course as I shared before I saw and visited many sites while in Haiti but my favorite one were the smiles of Jenn and Jeremiah , Ella, Eli, Ezra and Zoe.

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