Monday, December 23, 2013

My Haiti time part 2

While we were in Haiti we missed 2 snow storms : )

Walking out the gate of Jenn and Jeremiah's home

We drove to the mountains and the Baptist Mission on top. It was gorgeous.

Poinsettia bush grows wild and of course was in bloom just in time for Christmas.

Ella Bella

Making a gingerbread house

Cutiest Rudolph the Reindeer

Candy fits right in her missing tooth.

Visiting Jeremiah's parents home...swimming and the view from the roof.

This is Debbie and Jim Hambrick's mission in Haiti

Date nite for J and J ... fun nite for Nana

Beach...I mean where can you pick up starfish ?

Jeremiah and Ella getting ready to go snorkeling and the inflatable float in the back.

Finding "treasures" is always fun at the beach.

We were at at the Wahoo Resort beach and it was beautiful. You can see the mountains and the ocean in one view.

The flowers were beautiful ...and they grow naturally there all the time. These are hibiscus . The weather was hot and humid most days but up in the mountains it was cooler and the beach had a wonderful breeze....I have some wonderful memories from my trip to Haiti.

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