Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Katy and Willi ...Our "Guard Dogs"

They are so cute lying by our front door. Yes they will bark at you when you knock or ring the bell.... even if you just walk up. Actually they both are getting very old now. Katy is deaf and has trouble getting around when it is this cold out... Willi has had some strange neurological issues and if they continue there is not much we can do for him.
We love our dogs very much and I hate thinking about saying goodbye to them. We are looking for a puppy for the kids this Christmas... We always said when we got down to 1 or 2 we would start looking for another dog... and now we are . We have seen some listed but they are way more than we want to spend ....We want a lab.... Anyone know of any puppies that would be more loved than you can imagine :)


Claire said...

If you don't mind the possibility of more effort in training and lots of patience, then try your local animal rescue or dog charity.

If a home like yours an adopted rescue dog should be essential!

Loren said...

Hi, have you considered a rescue dog? Some orphans have 4 legs :)

mommajeane said...

We have had dogs from there but we want more assurances of the breed we get... so that is not an option this time. We don't care about papers just want the history of a loving and easy going pet... We have had surprises that we wished we did not have. For us it is always forever so we end up with an issue that we live with. We have rescued animals before- with a daughter married to a vet and another who is a groomer we have had lots of animals find their way into our hearts... This time we just need more assurances of the breed we are getting... thanks I am all for rescuing animals from the pound though.