Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 Things to do..I multi task all the time :)

 I had to take a picture of this moment yesterday in my life...It was the afternoon  and I had to laugh. Notice the plastic ruler, compass and other stuff in the front ( I was planning some math lessons in the kitchen). Then notice the bottle of dish soap ( I was filling it ). Notice the pan of water and noodles ( I was starting to make mac and cheese ). Notice the red and white container ( yeast that we pour into our septic system monthly). Way on the back countrer is a large box of brownies ( I was making for Naty's b-day dessert) I am probably the mother of all multi taskers...I am so anal about this skill and it is so a part of who I am :) People ask me all the time how do I do it...It is exactly how the Lord made me and it works well for our mega family to have a momma with this skill ...but it was funny when I noticed the kitchen counter yesterday and all the things I was doing all at once :)

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eliz said...

Oh! If I could have two stoves!! My kitchen is too small! LOL!!