Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is around the corner for sure

Tonite we fixed some of the last vegtables from our garden. We had fried green tomatoes and egg plant parmagian with a pot roast , Harmony's rice and applesause. Our weather has been cool and today we closed our pools...A sure sign that Fall is around the corner. Sometimes I have not been ready for the change but this year I am. I have loved the cool days and even cooler nites. We even turned our heat on for awhile to warm us up some in the am.. The new kids from Ghana have been funny about the cold weather....they seem to like the change too. We have started to get in the swing of school games , soccer out front, and playing outside lots because it is comfortable and not hot and humid. Our leaves are not turning yet but we are all looking forward to it.

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junglemama said...

Hey that's not fair! My girls have been wantng me to make fried green tomatoes but we can't find any around here. Hope you enjoyed them!