Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I know you see them all the time ....but

I can't help but post more. They truly love their pictures taken....funny I saw Lila and Selah dressed like this today. I asked them if I could take their pictures. As soon as Isaiah saw me taking the girls he wanted his too :) I told you all before they so want very long hair. This is how they do these blankets every day and wear their hair like this all day long....even when we go out. It just makes me smile when I see their oh my do I feel blessed to watch them every day and see how innocent and joyfilled they are.

Their attachment has been so easy and we can tell that they were loved back in Ghana. Which to us is a big strength of the Ghana adoption program. The mom's just can't take care of their children because of poverty....but these children have been loved. You can tell by how sensitive to one another they are and how loving to others they are.


ArtworkByRuth said...

Beautiful! I love Isaiah following his sister's example too!

Catelyn said...

They ae adorable...Love you kiddos.