Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Headed to NIH with 7 kids for an all day evaluation.

I mean who takes 7 kids to NIH or who even has 7 kids anymore : )  Of course we have 4 times that plus 4 and we go to doctor visits a lot. We however are participating in a research study on parasites - malaria and a few other ones no one would even know what they are. I have learned a lot about malaria since several of our children have had it. We are so very grateful to Dr. Nash and his colleagues for making this happen for our family. So how do you prepare for 7 kids and a baby ( Calea) and 4 adults to go to NIH ? Lots of food and snacks made the nite before. Four bags are packed and 2 strollers and 4 car seats in the 15 passenger and we are ready to roll bright and early
5:30 am.. It will be an interesting day and adventure for sure.

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