Friday, February 7, 2014

It is called Hopeful but really we are full of Hope that he will make it home

There is the link to Project Hopeful- the organization that you can give to help Shadrach come home.

Here is the link to the group that is helping us to raise money for Shadrach’s adoption. Many of you are aware that we just brought home our two children in the 3d picture who are with Shadrach. We stepped into the adoption of Shadrach in faith that the Lord would provide and He has. We are thankful to each one of you who has supported our family thru prayer and a financial gift. Without you we could not do this. You are saving this child’s life. His brain is unable to develop because his skull was fused shut at birth. He is having trouble breathing. When we agreed to adopt Shadrach we told his sponsors we had no money….So a Project Hopeful site was set up to help bring him home. Paul and I really have never done any sort of fund raising for our adoptions. We are not against other families who do …just for our family we have not felt called to do this. We were influenced greatly by the life of George Mueller in the 1800s who took care of 1,000s of orphans simply by praying to God for their needs to be met…and they always were. Sometimes by a milk truck or bread wagon breaking down in front of an orphanage. He lived some amazing provisions thru the Lord. Our lives have been lived that way as well. If God moves you to give towards our adoption and you act on that we thank you. It is all about the Lord and people’s response to Him not us or our emotional pull on you to give. We desire deeply to bring home this child and we desire for God to get the praise for the amazing way He will put it together. So every time we have needed the next amount of money and I check with Project Hopeful it has been there…Thank you !

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