Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I know most people are tired of this snow but not me because...

This is what we are doing on our snowy nite... having a party with donut holes and popcorn.

Our older girls , Cate, Nataly, Rachel and Leah treated us to a take home dinner from Applebees and this wonderful edible fruit- An early Valentines present because of the snow....Yummy. 

Even though it is snowing once again...I love it. All my kids who should be at home are here tonite. Nobody is going anywhere tomorrow with the foot plus they are predicting. We are enjoying being together. We have a fire in our fireplace and are enjoying hanging out together. I know you must be wondering how do 26 kids and 2 parents really hang out and then enjoy it. We just do. We don't have to do much just be together. I have cancelled our school tomorrow so we can enjoy all of this snow. It will be our first "snow " day of the year even though we have had snow and a lot of it...Just feels right to enjoy the snow tomorrow instead of hitting the books. So while others are be moaning yet again another snow storm I am not...I am loving it.

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