Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The story of our journey to Papaye ( Grace) and Emmanuel ( Levi ) - Pretty amazing how God works

This was " Papaye and Emmanuel " when my friend Jamallia traveled to meet her own son who was at the same orphanage. She took these pictures of them. Kofi also had been posting pics of them since August 2012. 

This is Jamallia hugging Papaye.

This is when Paul and I traveled in May so Paul could meet them. I had meet them when I traveled with my son in law to pick up Mary Kate and Keith's 2 children ( who happen to be P and E's younger siblings ). 

Again together but now forever...only not just siblings but aunt and nephew : ) We have some weird relationships .

Abby and her big sister...not just siblings now but also aunt and niece : )

Jamallia and her kids met us at the airport when we flew home- 2 weeks ago tonite. 

There is a wonderful story of how the Lord gave us these 2 precious ones. When Kofi started to post their pics my daughter and her husband had not decided or thought of adopting from Ghana. Then about a month later they started on their journey to adopt Milo and Abby. Mary Kate was pregnant towards the end of the adoption and they asked me to travel with Keith instead of her. A week and a half before we were to travel Jamallia posted the pics of her first trip to meet her son. I had them up on my computer and my daughters who were already home saw them and became excited...exclaiming, " Momma those are Mary Kate and Keith's brother and sister." I knew they meant Abby and Milo's siblings. We asked about them and it was confirmed. So when I traveled I got to meet them along with the birth mom...Who happens to be my twin's sister. So the twins ( Selah, Sari, Judah and Jesse) are actually cousins to Milo, Abby , Papaye and Emmanuel. We were given the referral of these precious children before the suspension was in place...and thank God we were able to adopt them and bring them home to our family.... and now they are a part of our family.

If I had not been sitting at the computer looking at Jamallia's pics of her trip and if the children had not passed by and saw them and recognized them... I would not have known they were my grand babies siblings or I might not have been able to complete their adoption. I love how God provides and gives encouragement to His will. They have another amazing journey to our family as so many of our children do.


Hope Harder said...

What an amazing story. Funny how the relationship are...adoption vs. bio. Love it!

Carolyn said...

It is awesome how God works. He brought Bryan to us also through some amazing "coincidence"-clearly His will. For that matter, our son Joseph, also from Guatemala, also came to us through means that had to be divine.