Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Ghana trip was child heaven for me ...but the reality for the children is it is hard. No family means a desperate and tough life for an orphan but even more for a special needs child

Shadrach the first nite we got to the home. 

This is sweet Sondra who is 13...holding the baby.

Keith holding his son

Nana holding her grandson

Emmanuel in the yellow shirt was a sweet young man who needs a family. Jr on the other end is Sondra's brother. He is 7 and also very nice. Both Sondra and Jr are good students - especially in math.

Keith holding his daughter

Nana holding her granddaughter

Sondra always willing to help and she has such a sweet spirit....

My precious Shadrach with his momma

Asleep in her daddy's arms

These are some precious ones we met at another orphanage

I hope these children get held , and tickled and loved on ....I hope that their faces are wiped clean when they eat, I hope that someone wipes away their tears when they cry or comforts them when they are sick...but their reality is that just does not happen.....No one cares about these children . Can you imagine what life is like for them ? I can't for too long ....please pray about adopting one of them.

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