Thursday, March 27, 2014

My traveling companion- Keith, my son in law- Pretty awesome sharing this with him

Arriving in Ghana

Visiting Kofi's new missions home

Holding his daughter for the very first time 

Playing with all the kids- is one of my favorite things to do when I travel to Ghana.

Always enough room in his arms for one more.

Did not complain that every lunch and dinner our only option everywhere we traveled was chicken and rice : ) 

Uncle Keith holding Shadrach

Even holding the special ones at Osu did not faze him....

I think it is pretty awesome that my son in law and I have now traveled twice together to Ghana. The first trip was a year ago this weekend to pick up Keith and Mary Kate's Milo and Abby. Mary Kate was pregnant and did not want to travel. Then when the opportunity came up for this trip there was no question we would travel once again...Both trips we got some funny looks especially traveling thru immigration. I don't many in our relationship that would even consider traveling together so I feel blessed to have Keith. We actually are a wonderful team and were able to get lots done on this trip...God has brought many children into our family thru bio. birth or adoption or marriage. I feel very close to Keith and these trips have made our bond even more precious.

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TnL said...

We love following your family! I have some questions and hope you can help. We would like to adopt from Ghana but were told all adoptions were on hold but you seem to be moving forward. We are hoping to adopt a sibling group ages 8 and under with atleast one under 1. We are open to HIV,sickle cell, Hepatitis, and most medical issues. What agency do you use? Good luck with Shadrack you have our prayers and those babies are just beautiful.